Legacy IT systems, obsolete codes (such as COBOL, FORTAN, BASIC, JCL, ...) and highly tangled code architectures tie up capital and manpower, which are urgently needed elsewhere. In order to help you protect and grow your business sustainable, our solution will bring you the following advantages:
Protect competitive edge
Many years of own development work often results in a high degree of flexibility and deep business-relevant knowledge. Transpiling your core applications will protect your individuality and your competitive edge.
Free up capital
Transpiling old programming languages like COBOL will release a bunch of previously committed capital, which were planned to maintain and repair the legacy system.
Save time
COBSOLETE will transpile the same workload 30.000 times faster than a human developer. [Test scope: 2.2 kb: Developer = 900 secs  (15 mins), COBSOLETE  = 0.03 secs]
Reinforce security
The amount of present threats were not conceivable when e.g. COBOL was invented. 1% increase in the share of new IT development spending is associated with a 5% decrease in security breaches. 
Enhance agility
COBSOLETE works multilingual and will enable you to transpile source code from one language in various business-relevant programming languages. In this way we can help move historically developed software  into the cloud.
Avoid dependencies
Don't be someone else's cash cow. Many established IT companies "milking" customers with legacy systems. Resolve yourself from such dependencies and benefit from modern solutions.
Reduce costs
Available COBOL developers (80% will retire within the next 10 years) claim 40% more salary than modern developers, while they are focused on patching deficits instead of developing sustainable things.
Boost performance
Based on AI, our solution will translate the code, while optimizing the code architecture at the same time. This is accompanied by reduced code volume and higher software performance.
Win the best talents
Modern developers are seeking for an innovative environment where they can use their experience, their passion and creativity to the best for you. Don't waste money for regress - invest in the future.


Many companies are still using systems and software from the last century which often lead to high IT maintenance costs, lack of IT investment capital, lack of qualified developers, high personnel costs, higher security risks and a missing future-oriented strategy. Our mission is to help companies with these problems and enable them for a sustainable and more agile future. Therefore our startup is developing a pioneering universal-transpiler that can translate several programming languages into any other (modern) programming language. This process can be carried out as often as desired. The specially developed and trained AI will optimize the submitted code architecture to reduce superfluous code and will correct unknown errors.


Our team brings a wealth of experience from global tech companies, pioneering startups, software companies and auditing and tax consultancies.


Graduate Computer-Scientist from RWTH Aachen with more than 22yrs experience in programming as well as well-founded background knowledge in research and development.

“Optimistic idealist, obsessed with CleanCode programming and uncompromising about Code-Quality.



    Masters' degree in Accounting & Control from the Excellence University of Bremen with experience in cross-industry consulting and auditing of SMEs and owner managed companies.

    “Communicative and curiosity-driven film enthusiast, fact-oriented and open-minded team player.



      Obtained his Masters' degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the Excellence University of Bremen, worked for global tech companies and within the startup-environment.

      "Digital native and coffee-loving energetic lateral thinker, who loves agile and pioneering approaches.



        Graduate from puppy school and further dog-training-schools. Specialized in exercise and relaxation and responsible to initiate short walks to free our minds.

        "Nature boy, who is addicted to raspberries and bananas. His live goal is to eat everything and create a happy and balanced atmosphere.


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